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busty independent escorts london

Vanilla Girlfriend Experience, 

Sweet, Sensual and Romantic Rendezvous.

 You walked into the room, the scent of my fragrance filling your senses. I was there, standing in the centre of the room, the soft glow of candlelight casting a warm aura around me. I turned to face you, and you couldn't help but feel a jolt of electricity surge through your body.

My chestnut hair cascaded down my back in soft waves, framing my delicate feminine features. My eyes were deep and mysterious, holding sexual secrets you longed to discover. I wore a sexy red dress that clung to my curves, accentuating every inch of my body. Underneath the dress, I had a semi-transparent black lingerie set from Agent Provocateur with silky soft stockings and Christian Louboutin high heels.

As you approached me, I reached out a hand, and you took it, feeling the warmth of my skin against yours. I led you to a plush couch, and we sat down together, our bodies close but not quite touching.

We talked for some time, sharing stories and laughter, our connection growing stronger with every passing moment. And as the encounter gone on, our sensual connection grew more intense.

Our eyes locked, and I leaned in, my lips brushing against yours in a soft, tantalising kiss. You responded, your hands moving to my waist as you pulled me closer, deepening the kiss. The taste of me on your tongue was intoxicating, and I felt you growing with excitement.

We sat in comfortable silence for a few moments, simply enjoying each other's company. And then, without warning, I stood up and took You by the hand. "Come with me," I said, my eyes sparkling with mischief. You followed me into the bedroom...

Once there, I turned to you with a sultry smile on my lips, and began to undress, slowly and sensually.

You watched in awe as I revealed myself, piece by piece... My curves were feminine and sexy, my skin soft and inviting. You could feel your desire for me growing even bigger with each passing moment.

I climbed onto the bed, beckoning you to join me. And as you did, I began to explore your body with my hands and lips, taking you to heights of pleasure and delight.

Our sexual intimacy was a slow and erotic dance, we explored each other's bodies with reverence and sensuality, lost in the moment and completely consumed by our desire for each other. 

We moved together, our bodies intertwined, our sensuality growing with every touch. And as we reached the peak of our desire, we collapsed into each other's arms, spent but satisfied.

As we lay there, tangled together, we couldn't help but smile, knowing that we had found something erotic that brings us joy and pleasure. A secret erotic escape without strings attached or responsibilities involved.

My likes

 What can we await from a vanilla GFE?


  This experience focuses on building a sensual connection and foreplay before engaging into sexual activities. I can better describe the vanilla GFE as a sweet and romantic date, who evolves at a slow and relaxed pace.

 This experience also involves stimulating lap dancing, sensual kissing, mutual natural oral, 69, Russian, DATY, arousing sensual touches, erotic whispers to stimulate the mind, sensual body kisses, erotic oily body-to-body massage and sensual cuddles.

 Seductive dinner date (ideal for a first encounter); sensual overnight; deep tissue or relaxing massage, and luscious breakfast in bed are part of this experience too.

GFE Donations

Vanilla rendezvous2 hours £1,600

Additional indoor hour - £750

Dinner & drinks dates. 

Include social time. Ideal for a first encounter:

3 hours - Cocktail date- £2,000

 drinks followed by a sensual indoor play

4 hours -Dinner date-  £2,400

  dinner followed by sensual indoor play

6 hours -Dinner date-  £3,400

  dinner followed by sensual indoor play

Longer GFE dates

Playful trysts:

6 hours of indoor play - £4,000

9 hours of indoor play - £5,000


Extended dates:

Sensual overnight 

10 hours- £5,500

Sensual overnight & playful breakfast

12 hours- £6,200

A day together in the U.K.*

24 hours- £8,000

*Available only for encounters in the U.K.

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The consideration can also be handled in US Dollars and Euros. Please, add a 10% fee for payments in other currencies to cover the exchange costs. 


 I'm happy to accept your invitation for a bisexual and playful threesome! And please, add £500 on top of my stated rates in the case of a few hours meeting and £1,000 in the case of bookings longer than four hours. I'm available to travel internationally with established couples - please, enquire for more details as donations for my time and company will differ.


 I have two beautiful girlfriends with whom I like to indulge in erotic plays. With pleasure, I'll offer more details about my girlfriends after I receive your date invitation.

Play rule

 Kindly remind - pushy and aggressive behaviour won't be tolerated during our time together and it will result in the termination of our encounter. Thank you for being so understanding!

Mutual pleasure

 If you are respectful, with good hygiene and you treat ladies as a gentleman does, then I am sure we will have an amazing time!

 I am a warm and playful girl who will always be attentive to your needs and wishes because want us to have a memorable erotic experience. xx

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