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My last encounter with L. and our role play

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I've known L. for three years already, and we have a beautiful connection. Our minds seem to like one another, and we experience a delightful joy whenever we are together. It sounds like a love story, but isn't love; it's better! It's a romantic adventure, with passion and a hint of kink; it's genuine chemistry with fantastic sex and affectionate gestures, but above all, it's a beautiful friendship. We connect both physically and mentally, the reason why we like to try all sort of things together. We allow the children within us to escape and engage in different role plays; lust, desire and a non-traditional romance. We love to explore, to live our fantasies, and we've tried them all together because we earned the trust of one another.

I saw him a couple of days ago. After a playful dinner in London, we ordered a taxi to take us back to the hotel. In the cab, on the way to our lovemaking spot, he asked me in what mood I was that night? I kissed him slowly, deeply, passionately, looked him in the eyes but I didn't say a word. Teasing men has always excited me... and I loved to stir his imagination by letting him guessing what's coming next...

But he was dying with anticipation; he seemed like a kid who was on the way to the candy store. He was so turn on! After a few more passionate kisses in the cab, his eyes were looking at me with a wild desire, and I knew he was ready for me. His deep kisses excited me, I was ready for him too!

Once in the room, I flicked off the lights and pushed him against the wall. A-frame fell face down on the floor and shattered next to us. But I didn't allow him to take notice. I bit at his bottom lip, tugging his face, commanding him to follow my lead as I walked backwards down the hallway, deeper into the darkness, my darkness this time. I've enjoyed myself in the submissive role-play before, but now I controlled the intensity of the game, and I loved it. I knew he was obedient to me. In the taxi, I saw it in his eyes. I felt it in his passionate kisses.

And he, submitting to my bestial strength, simply weaved his fingers into the rust of my hair and bowed to my playful dominion. Like a lowly, unassuming insect, captivated by my hellfire glow.

Halfway down the hall, I slammed him back first into the wall again, harder than before — no frames there that time. I clawed at his chest under his shirt as I ate his kiss once more and bit down his neck; the groans he breathed out into the obscurity flinched sharply as my fangs grew less and less forgiving.

"Tell me, how can I satisfy you better?" He whispered in my ear.

His buckle caught the flash of lamplight seeping in from somewhere outside as I tugged at the leather strap of his belt. I ran my fingers up and back down the front of his chest, back down to his waist, and unclasped his belt, plucking it from the loops with a single sliding pull.

Feverishly, I tore his trousers open and moved them, along with his boxers, down just enough to reveal his smug erection. With both palms on his board-firm chest, I smirked at him, kissed him once more, a little softer than before, and squatted down before him. He held his dark girth in his hand, stroking it as he presented it to me. I swatted his hand away.

"No," I snarled. "Don't touch. That's mine until I'm done with it."

I picked his belt up from the floor and wrapped it around his wrists, binding his hands behind his back. "You will touch me when I say so," I said and kissed the corner of his lips...

We experienced erotic things we've never tried before. I look forward to our next encounter!

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