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Covid-19 updates

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Firstly, thank you for your enquiries. I appreciate your interest in me and in case I haven't answered your email by now, I'll do it soon.

I have been working to develop solutions and procedures to ensure my safety and yours. Health is of paramount importance, and so too is our experience. A few things have changed, and please read my new policy.

1. I am finally back to take in-person meetings. But please note - at this time I mainly prioritise in-person bookings from established friends.

​2. To bypass unnecessary risks, I do Covid-19 blood tests on regular bases. The results are available for my regulars who want to book a date.

3. Last-minute encounters are no longer available. To make it safe for us, I have intensified the cleaning routine. My incall location will be appropriately sanitised - a deep cleaning will be carried before our encounter - and that requires additional time.

4. If you have any preferences when it comes to lingerie, please let me know from time, so I can have it cleaned and ready for our date. Each outfit will be carefully washed ere our encounter.

5. At this time, I am not feeling comfortable to accept more than two dates per week, but I can recommend a friend unless of course, you'd like to wait for when I'll be available again.

6. Soon after your arrival, your temperature will be measured with a digital forehead thermometer. I will not be able to honour our encounter if your temperature is above 37.5° or if you have any symptoms of COVID 19, or you have been in touch with someone who had COVID 19 in the last 14 days. If your temperature is be above 37.5° then we will have to reschedule the encounter for some other time. Your deposit won't be affected by this and can be used for a future date.

7. Hugs and kisses are allowed after you have washed your hards and had a proper shower.

Take care, and stay safe!

Kisses, Diana x

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