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I enjoy to travel and experience new things. Some favourites include the Maldives, Florence, Istanbul, Rome, Paris, Oslo, Sardinia, Split and Zurich. I want to add Australia and New Zealand to my list, too.


My curiosities extend beyond the sensual bedroom plays.


Things I haven't done, but I'd like to do. 

I'd love to go on a romantic yachting holiday in St. Martin or the British Virgin Islands. I dream of a horseback riding trip in the Rocky Mountains; Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; Fishing in the Amazon river; A Safari adventure tour in Nambia; Scuba diving in the Caribbean; Flying in a hot-air balloon; Visiting Taj Mahal in India, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt... The spirit of adventure runs through my veins and I love to getaway!


Things I did and enjoyed

Scuba diving in Seychelles. Wine tasting in Tuscany. A stroll through art galleries and museums in Paris. A fantastic culinary and wine tour in Southern France. Passionate lovemaking while yachting off the coast of Capri. Skydiving in Dubai. Lovemaking on a private island. Couple sky holidays. I've discovered that an active ski holiday can be just as romantic as the traditional city break. From stunning mountain scenery to cosy accommodation with the best spa facilities and delicious cuisine, a ski trip is a perfect romantic getaway. 



 I do love fresh and nutritious food, and I enjoy discovering new flavours and combinations. I revel in exploring new restaurants, savouring everything from impeccable décor and service to inventive, healthy yet tasty menus. I also like to take couples cooking classes.



I enjoy a few glasses of Champagne, particularly Dom Pérignon and Jacques Selosse-Substance. I also appreciate a good Merlot or a dry and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc. Occasionally, I'll have a whisky on the rocks. For cocktails, I prefer Martini. 


 I like to read because it dares me to grow, challenges my perspective and allows me to explore multiple realities. I have been blessed with high powers of concentration - I can read for hours on one subject of interest without getting the slightest of boredom.  My research slowly expands into books on Psychology, Biology, Sexology, The Arts, History, Fashion and Science.


After I finished studying a particular topic, I always eager to experiment with what I learned. I'm a practical girl who likes to build and create things, and I want to find my own ways of doing everything.  The knowledge from books serves as a starting foundation for some of my boldest ideas.

I also like perusing Art Galleries or taking a course to extend my knowledge and to learn new skills. My horizons are slowly expanding with every day. The book I'm currently studying is titled Evolutionary Psychology-the new science of the mind by David Buss. 


My mornings are spent stretching and meditating, followed by breakfast with a generous glass of water or fresh orange juice. I prefer to go to the gym around noon because my trainer is less busy then, and in the afternoon I prefer to write or read. I like to spend the evenings making love, laughing, sharing stories and playing sensually. I'm always filling my time with the things I love doing.



 I appreciate live performances. My favourite style is an eclectic mix: romantic, classical, classic rock, jazz, chart hits. Music is part of my life.


Fashion - Why do I love it?

Because it's another way of expressing inner creativity, and an extension of my personality, spirit and thoughts. I also admire the transformative quality, the effect that an item of clothing can have on the way people see you and the way you might see yourself. Despite how much fashion deals with the surface, it's the effect it has on the way you feel as opposed to the way you look that makes it so much more amazing; to me at least. Among some of my favourite brands are Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Emilio Pucci, Cushnie, Herve Leger, Roland Mouret, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, La Perla and Hermes. I appreciate most designers for their efforts and creative works.


 What I like

 I enjoy a good sense of humour; a relaxing afternoon at the spa and couples massages; to feel the warmth of the sun while relaxing with a good book at the beach; a glass of wine during a romantic candlelit dinner...


 I love a nice sunny day, but also enjoy the sound and smell of the rain, which provide a great excuse to spend the day inside writing or reading. When that happens, I usually allow my creative nature to lead me on writing whatever seems most fitting at the time -from storytelling to erotic fantasies.


believe that through reading and writing, we as humans can connect on deeper levels. Regardless of the time, space, circumstance or any other typical barrier to empathy and understanding, there is truth on the page. You can feel my heart, see inside and understand the essential “me.” And I, you …



Constant improvement. The arts mainly Renaissance and Romanticism. I also appreciate Film, Theatre, Ballet and Opera. I have recently seen the show 'Witness of the Prosecution' and the Szymanowski 'Krol Roger' at the London Royal Opera House.


The arts profoundly influence me. My biggest regret is not being able to paint, but I express my creative nature throughout the writing. And writing is a superpower like no other; it can be art, it can be a simple instruction or it can be a weapon. I write not because it gives me 'the power of a God', but because it makes me feel more human. I love it. I hate it. Sometimes, I'm disappointed in it, but I am also proud of it.

Other hobbies

 I'm passionate about photography, and I like to shoot mainly landscapes and portraits. I also appreciate most sports events, particularly polo and tennis. 


Sports I play

I am a fitness devotee, to be healthy and in good shape are important for me. At weekends, I enjoy running or cycling in Regent's Park. I also practice swimming, skiing and adrenaline-pumping activities particularly skydiving, which is intense and mind-blowing, but yoga and tantric sex, too. Variety is the spice of life.



 Since I moved to London, I set a particular passion for shopping. I always appreciate a fun shopping spree and I do most of my purchasing at Harrods.


 I have had the opportunity to stay at some of the world’s best hotels. Few of my favourites in London are Claridges; Mandarin Oriental; The Dorchester; The Goring; Bulgari and The Savoy.

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