Romantic & Playful Lo

Classic Girlfriend Experience (GFE), 

Sensual and romantic rendezvous.

 The notion of classic GFE has become very popular, but it seems to mean something different for every lady. For me, this experience is about being erotically and sensually alive; about helping you find what makes me happy and satisfied, and about discovering how can I reciprocate them in a way we can both enjoy the moment. And once our bodies have learned how to vibrate in harmony, passionate chemistry should follow naturally. 


 The classic girlfriend experience also means sensual lovemaking with all the warmth, lust and enthusiasm; and it's the perfect choice for everyone who is looking to rediscover a genuine connection and deep-felt physical intimacy. We all have different hopes and desires, and so each individual vibrates and tickles uniquely, and I like to approach each rendezvous with this idea in mind. No two encounters are the same, and I love it; the anticipation of meeting different selves excites me. But for me, it's meaningful to reach a level of mutual enjoyment.

 Most of the classic GFE encounters start in the public space, with a romantic dinner in a relaxing yet exciting ambience, humourous and stimulating conversations..., the small moments of one hand to brush against another...., the little touches and tantalising anticipation... But no matter how we choose to plan our date, I would like us to have fun together; to make sensuous love and to get deeper into the experience so that we can genuinely feel and savour our encounter, moment by moment


 In my opinion, sex is hardly ever just a physical act. And by adding more meaning and attention to details into this playful activity, not only are we going to connect on a deeper level, but it's going to give you a candid view of your sexual needs; on how we can enhance them together and perhaps try new things. But even more valuable is to become more aware of what your strengths are as an erotic being.

The following are the donations for the Classic GirlFriend Experience:

A brief introduction

2 hours- £1200

3 hours- £1700

Dinner date- 4 hours- £1800

2 hrs social and 2 hrs private

Evening out 6 hours- £2500

3 hrs social and 3 hrs private

Overnight 12 hours- £4000

- It will be delightful to start the night with a light dinner, followed by a sweet dessert.

A day together 24 hours- £5500

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 And what can we await from a classic GFE encounter? I value connection and chemistry who arise naturally but I also very much enjoy to experience passionate kissing; mutual natural oral, passionate lovemaking and mutual orgasms; Playful bubble bath, sensual massage, affectionate cuddling and erotic toys play are on my top likings tooAfter-we can expect to fall asleep in each other arms, and in the morning, have breakfast in bed.