Romantic & Playful Lo

    What is a discreet companion, and how is she different?    

She is a lady who can easily blend into any social or business situation while being a playful lover in private. She is attentive, good-spirited, and a little bit frisky. It makes her smile to see you smile. Her concerns are pleasurable companionship, good health, professional discretion, and she chooses her friends meticulously; seeing only a very select few regularly.    

How would a date with you go?

  Our experience will include the sweetest side a traditional relationship can offer but without the strings or any responsibilities. We can relax, laugh, disconnect and just be ourselves! We can talk about anything: science, books, sports, relationships, people... It will be easy to get lost in conversation, helping us build a genuine connection and anything after that will then be sweetly enhanced. But this doesn't mean I won't treat you in an attentive and caring manner while ensuring we can both have a satisfying time together. And that is what I aim for: to make things better and more enjoyable for us both. I would love to change the way we perceive and make sex; elevate it to something more than just a biological need, which often is manifested through a dull or mechanical act. And lovemaking should never be mechanical; on the contrary, I like to think of sex as an entirely diverse sensory experience, which, if handled well, can literally and figuratively whet our appetites for more.

How are you in intimacy?  

I have always felt very comfortable in my skin. And I find tremendous joy in my sexuality: flirting, kissing, a lot of kissing! Moaning, purring... But sex can be over before it even gets properly started, and working in some deliberate delaying tactics may actually be great for increasing passion. Getting ourselves ready for a significant sexual encounter involves using our minds to create those steamy bedroom scenes long before they happen. Not only is this a great way to get ourselves in the mood, but it ensures that our lovemaking is well-informed. Putting thought into our lovemaking doesn't mean that it has to be dry or prescriptive. On the contrary, it can encourage us to use our knowledge of sex or our wants and desires to make the encounter more meaningful and ardent.

What is your favourite type of date?  

I love travelling together, overnights and evenings out. I enjoy opera, theatre, music & concerts, sports events and the arts. Anything that gives us sufficient time to get to know each other better, find the right chemistry, and delight ourselves with a wonderful experience.

Why did you re-written your website?

 I felt that my former website had lost its uniqueness because someone else copied my previous content; I then chose to re-write it from scratch. The result is the website you are reading right now; it has a down to earth and respectful approach while emphasising my real character and sexual energy. And I don't intend to deceive you or to give you false expectations by pretending to be someone else or by using another lady's description. What I want is to provide you with enough accurate information about myself because if you resonate with it, we have high chances to be a good fit for each other. I also want us to have fun and to explore together all the exciting opportunities our encounter has saved for us. 

How do you choose your partners?  

I do not have any specific guidelines. When a gentleman introduces himself to me, the first thing I look for is honesty. If he trusts me with his information, then I have no problem trusting him with mine. I’m looking for a man that is not only after physical gratification but who has a desire for conversation and genuine experience. However, if I receive an invitation without a few details and at least a short introduction of the sender, then I have no choice but to disregard the request.


         Do you drink?   

While I choose to workout five times a week and eat healthy most of the time, there is a 10% I keep for enjoying a glass of wine or champagne, or perhaps a delicious dessert. But this doesn't happen every night, and if during our time together I won't feel the need to have a drink, please respect my decision.


Can I come to your place?  

Yes, I can either visit you at your hotel or we can meet at my private apartment in Marylebone, central London.

Do you tour?

Unfortunately, I do not tour. I am a selective model located in central London. However, if you would like to discuss a fly-me-to-you date outside of London feel free to contact me.


Can you accompany me to a cultural event or business occasion?

It would be my pleasure! With a cultural event we can start our date at the opera, or with live jazz, a sporting event perhaps, or at any one of the many beautiful restaurants London has to offer. I find this the perfect way to become more intimately acquainted. And I have been described by my friends as being pretty good at mingling and sharing stimulating conversation.

      How will you be dressed for our date?     

 I like to be nicely dressed, and I prefer a classic style yet appealing for the eye, but never vulgar. Tawdry or extravagant clothes are not for me, nor heavy make-up. I prefer well-cut designer clothes and high heeled stiletto shoes, and I have a lovely collection of fine lingerie.         


Are you available for travel internationally?    

Yes. During the last four years, I have been invited to visit many beautiful places around the world, had toured 24 countries and still want to see the rest! I keep myself curious and I want to constantly broaden my horizons; I wish to explore and experience all that life has to offer, and I am interested in culture, history, architecture, the arts and human connections.


 I'm concerned about my privacy. Are you discreet?   

 I understand that discretion and privacy are paramount. I am a completely reliable and discreet individual, and I will never contact you unless you contact me first.  


How would you like me to prepare for our meeting?  

It would be wonderful if you could have a careful shower, smell nice and fresh, brush your teeth, and shave just before our encounter. 

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