Long-term arrangements

 As most of my regular friends know, I love to discover and experience all that life has to offer; I have a strong hedonistic and adventurous streak, and I very much enjoy to travel. Travelling is one of my favourite things and during the last few years, I've been invited to many beautiful places. I perceive life as an exciting journey and refuse to be constrained by the norms and values of a sexually repressed society. I dare to feel alive, to live more freely, and I am not afraid to openly question society’s prejudices and judgements about sex and intimacy; I have fully embraced my passionate and amorous side! However, I have decided to travel only with the gentlemen who communicate openly with me, have a similar life philosophy, and with whom I can feel in my natural element. I believe that the purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to savour experience to the utmost; to be grateful for every day and every smile.

“So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it. She taught him that after a celebration of love, the lovers should not part without admiring each other and feeling satisfied.” Hermann

 Some other favourites include tantra and tantric sex where we don't focus on the end result (on the climaxing), but instead, we are focusing on the path and on enjoying the path that leads to orgasm. Tantra requires to take the time, to make sexual intimacy a ritual of connectedness and doesn't represent a set of techniques which can be achieved in two or three hours. If you are curious about tantra and tantric sex, then I would be glad to write a blog post about them. But please note, if we choose to experience tantra together we must devote an overnight or the entire day just to reach a satisfying feeling.

And I don't like to talk about myself or the experience in absolute terms. This is because I tend to perceive words such as ''the best'', ''the ultimate experience'', ''the most exclusive companion'' as clichés used by unimaginative people. And, even if I may be “the best” at what I am doing, the reality is that I can’t show it right away.

And those I call good friends are respectful, open and bright; when we meet, they greed me with appreciation, and I am grateful to be surrounded by quality and genuine people in the company of whom I feel easygoing.

they won't feel authentic or great without connection because there's where wonderful experiences flourish. And 

I wasn't sure how would I find my place into the companionship world or how would I keep myself safe and away from unhealthy experiences.

applying organic warm oil on each other's skin; sensually massaging each part of our bodies and enjoying the feeling of skin on skin... We can get even more playful with a dildo or the magic wand vibrator.

Furthermore, I don't perceive sexual intimacy as a race to the big ‘O’, nor as a performance for the benefit of only one of us. But as a shared experience of pleasure; exquisitely felt and perfectly savoured.

And some people make the mistake of thinking that the type of physical intimacy I’m advocating has to be all soft and sensual. Not at all. As long as it’s between living adult humans who both (or all) consent, then we can go for it. It’s all good, as long as it’s real, it’s connected, and we’re really feeling it. That’s what makes sex magical, not the actual activity.

 a full interview, my etiquette and rules, my blog and even some of my favourite books, poems and quotes.

appreciate the finer things in life and and love to delve deep into desire; a sweet build-up of excitement is key.

 I have a curious mind and a wide appetite for knowledge; travelling and reading are a few of my favourite hobbies. Some of my areas of interests are psychology, history, sociology, the arts, fashion, health and business. And I have enjoyed exploring many parts of the world, seeing the different cultures, people and places with a fascinating history. 

 I like spending sensual time with people who surround themselves with quality; I share that quality.

Incall/ OutcallI'll gladly join you at your hotel (kindly reminder, taxi costs are required for outcalls) or I can host our date at my private apartment in the Marylebone area of London.

In my opinion, life is a journey we must enjoy. Its purpose is to live, feel and explore it; to be able to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and more satisfying experiences. And perhaps that's the value a travel partner can bring to your next trip. 

 My curiosity led me to travel, to explore many parts of the world, seeing the different cultures, people and places with a fascinating history. My wide appetite for knowledge drove me to value books. But the desire for learning isn't recent, it's deep-rooted in my childhood. I grew up surrounded by books and they had a powerful, lasting effect on my mind; I am a books lover and a self-improvement addict, and my vast interests gravitate towards psychology, history, sociology, health, relationships, business, the arts and fashion. And if I'll have to define myself in only two words those would be curious and perseverent.

I am a believer in the concept of consciousness; In my opinion, the most meaningful purposes of life are to explore, experience and connect with our surroundings; to reach out eagerly and without fear for all that life has to offer. I don't believe in half-measures. But I do believe in a free life lived with passion and an open mind.

 Alluding sophisticated charm whether I am casually attired during the day or in elegant dresses and stilettos during the evenings, I like to be lovingly manicured and groomed, with soft make-up suitable for the occasion. But at my core, I am an affectionate, devoted lover who genuinely delights in giving and receiving. I have a natural capacity for stimulating talks, witty banter, wining and dining, books, the arts, and for mutual pleasure which flows naturally. I am weird for passion and romance and feel lucky to lead the adventurous life I do!

Intimacy is not a race to the big ‘O’, nor a performance for the benefit of only one of us. It is a shared experience of pleasure; exquisitely felt and perfectly savoured. 

Personally, I love passionate intimacy. I like to touch, and I enjoy to kiss. There is a lot to love about kissing! Kissing is one of the primal steps to achieve genuine sexual arousal and an essential part of the connection. If you too feel the same, I want this always to be part of our experience.  

And some people make the mistake of thinking that the type of physical intimacy I’m practising has to be all soft and sensual. Not at all. As long as we both consent, then we can go for it.

I would love to transform the way we perceive and make sex; elevate it to something more than just a biological need, which often is manifested through a dull or mechanical act. And lovemaking should never be mechanical; on the contrary,

Getting ourselves ready for a significant sexual encounter involves using our minds to create those steamy bedroom scenes long before they happen. Not only is this a great way to get ourselves in the mood, but it ensures that our lovemaking is well-informed. Putting thought into our lovemaking doesn't mean that it has to be dry or prescriptive. On the contrary, it can encourage us to use our knowledge of sex or our wants and desires to make the encounter more meaningful and ardent.

to try different things and perhaps learn new erotic skills.

But TransferWise is also a possibility, especially for international transactions. I'll send you more details about this step after I receive and accept your date invitation. 

 Please note, for outcall meetings who take place outside Central London a small taxi fee which varies upon your location is required. I will let you know how much would that be once I have your hotel address. 

I warmly accept long term arrangements and would love us to make memories that last a lifetime! Here are a few options and packages linked with this experience:

Three days (consecutive or separated) - £10.000/per month

*for at least three months

Five days (consecutive or separated)- £15,000/month

*for at least three months


Ten days (consecutive)-£22,000/month

*for at least six months

Exclusive arrangements- P.O.A

*Kindly reminders:

 -the above considerations are not inclusive of costs associated with accommodation and food during the entire time we spend together, nor are they inclusive of travel expenses (taxi, visas, airfare, travel to/from the airport).

- depending on what kind of package we decide is suitable for us, the above funds must be sent in full every month until our agreement ends. You're welcome to visit my Etiquette page where you will find more into depth details about deposits and my cancellation policy.

've received questions about who am I and if I'm a real person? :). The second question made me smile, the reason why I decided to write this brief post.



a. Are you real?

b. Who are you?

c. Who wrote your website?

d. How do you feel about fantasy?

e. Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience all your fantasies?

My Answers:

a. Nothing becomes real until it is experienced. But in the light of the Covid-19 situation, I'm not real; I'm alive! :)


b. I want to answer this question by paraphrasing the originator of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli: ''I have a body, but I am not my body. I have emotions, but I am not my emotions. I have a mind, but I am not my mind. I have roles to play in life, but I am not any of them. I am a centre of pure consciousness.''


c. This website was designed and wrote by me while I was stuck in the lockdown. Perhaps for some individuals can be too much information while for others not enough, but above all, it's a candid reflection of myself.


d. I like and embrace my fantasies because they can make sex fun and playful, especially when the restrictions of reality don’t bound them. Sex isn't only a physical act; it is also very much a mental process, at least when it is going well. Assuming that sex is consensual and desired, then letting your imagination roam can enhance the physical sensation and make for a richer overall experience. We can fantasize about anything we want, including things that we only want in a fantasy. Since they occur inside our heads, fantasies are a private experience, but if you keep them all to yourself, you may be missing out on some of the fun. But fantasies can be challenging too. Some of them can make us uncomfortable or confuse us. Or maybe they turned us on during sex, but then left us feeling bad when the passion has burned off. This is totally normal, especially since most fantasies don’t comply with the typical rules of society, not to mention the rather narrow definition of acceptable sexual expression that most of us were taught. This is why they are fantasies and not actions— we can play in the possible, and the impossible, without getting caught up in the consequences. So while we may not like or feel comfortable with all our fantasies, we probably shouldn’t feel bad about them. Therefore, I would encourage you to let your imagination roam. You may be surprised where your fantasies take you!


e. I have. And perhaps it looks crazy in your eyes. But I am free and willing to explore more in-depth the subject of sexuality and human connection.