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   You have visited my website and read all about me; now I would like to know more about you! Write to me as if you were emailing a friend because a friendly little note goes a long way toward establishing rapport. Still, you don't know where to start? Just tell me a bit of yourself, what drew you to me, and a demure account of how, when and where you would like to spend our time together. Also, let me know if you have any preferences as to music, attire, or anything else that you think would enhance the occasion? 


My preferred method of contact is the form below as it contains all the necessary information I require. Please do double-check that your email address is correct! Otherwise, I might not be able to reply. You can email me, but if you do, please make sure you include all the information requested. The more thorough you are in filling this out, the more sooner we'll be able to meet. Reminder, I only respond to serious inquiries and I encourage you to read my etiquette page before contacting me!

I'm pleased to know you've made it so far. And thank you for your interest!

​I have the utmost respect for your privacy-I always make the first contact with you via email, and I would only text/call with your prior consent to do so. Your information will be held in confidence at all times and after our first date is deleted.

Let’s chat on the phone. Once a date is set, I may ask for a brief phone call (at a mutually convenient time) just to say hi and get a feeling for each other. This is because I want our meeting to go well, to make sure we can have a pleasurable time together and that I am the appropriate lady for you. I won't accept a date proposal if I feel we won't get well together; it will only be a loss of time and energy for both of us. But if we are a good fit for each other, we're going to enjoy our rendezvous and leave our date smiling and wishing for more.​ 

If before filling the form below you have a quick question, I encourage you to send it to

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