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Classic Girlfriend Experience

Sensual and romantic rendezvous.


 The notion of classic GFE has become very popular, but it seems to mean something different for every lady. For me, this experience is about being erotically and sensually alive; about helping you find what makes me happy and satisfied, and about discovering how can I reciprocate them in a way we can both enjoy the moment. And once our bodies have learned how to vibrate in harmony, passionate chemistry should follow naturally. 


 The classic girlfriend experience also means sensual lovemaking with all the warmth, lust and enthusiasm; and it's the perfect choice for everyone who is looking to rediscover a genuine connection and deep-felt physical intimacy. We all have different hopes and desires, and so each individual vibrates and tickles uniquely, and I like to approach each rendezvous with this idea in mind. No two encounters are the same, and I love it! Every meeting has a different story and reasons behind. But for me, it's meaningful to reach a level of mutual enjoyment.


My likes

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 What can we await from a classic GFE?


 I value passionate connections and sexual chemistry who flow naturally. However, I also like sensual exploration, passionate kissing, mutual natural oral, prolonged foreplay, sensual full body massage, passionate lovemaking, ideally mutual orgasms - after we can expect to fall asleep in each other arms, and in the morning, have breakfast in bed. 

 Bubble bath, giving and receiving massages, affectionate cuddling and kissing, dinner dates, erotic toys play and sensual teasing - are on my likings too.

 In my opinion, sex is hardly ever just a physical act and by adding more meaning and attention to details into this playful activity, not only are we going to connect on a deeper level, but it's going to give you a candid view of your sexual needs; on how we can enhance them together and perhaps try new things. But even more valuable is to become more aware of what your strengths are as an erotic being.

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Brief Encounters

Rendezvous -2 hours- £1,000

-sweet hello and sensual private time.

Cocktails & laughter -3 hours- £1,500

- drinks and stimulating conversation followed by a playful private time.

Romantic dinner dates

Dinner date -4 hours- £1,800

- two hrs of social time and two hrs private.

Evening out -6 hours- £2,500

- two hrs social and four hrs private.


What can we do? I'd love to see a theatre show or a Ballet/ Opera performance. I also enjoy to dance, and in London, we have a few beautiful places to dance the night away. Or we can just head out for dinner and afterwards take a romantic moonlit walk back to the hotel.  If you have other ideas, feel free to mention them in your invitation.

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Longer GFE dates

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10 hours- £4,000*

I prefer to start the night with dinner, followed by a sensual dessert in the hotel room and a few hours of beauty sleep. 


Overnight & breakfast 

12 hours- £4,500*

Stimulating dinner together followed by dessert, a few hours of beauty sleep and a sensual breakfast in the morning.

A day together

24 hours- £6,500*

- apart from private time, a day together includes a few social activities too.


But what can we do?

I'd like to visit Art Galleries or to spend a delightful few hours at the spa followed by a romantic picnic in the park or afternoon tea. We can plan to watch a sporting event and after having a stimulating dinner together. I also appreciate Theatre, Ballet, live music and Opera.

*Available only for encounters in London.

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 I’m happiest, more vibrant and better when I maintain a consistent sleep schedule and a balanced life, but some experiences require exceptions.


For dates concluding after 11 pm, please add £1,000 on top of my stated rates listed above or make it an overnight.

Dates requiring overnight accommodation should always begin at the overnight venue.

Overnights are up to 10 or 12 hours together and represent a stimulating blend of dinner together, playful private time, a few hours of sleep, and if applicable, a sensual breakfast.


If you are looking for a tailored experience, include your wishes in the booking application. Please note, additional costs will apply for all custom-made enquiries.

Couples or duos, please add an additional charge of 50%. If you would like me to bring a friend, mention this in your communications with me.

To ensure I maintain my cheerful disposition on extended dates and travels, I highly recommend allowing for the following:

Six to eight hours of beauty rest per night,

One hour to get ready each morning,

One hour to workout.

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