And a very warm welcome!

 As a short introduction, I would like to add a few details about how this website was crafted and confess that there were many styles I could have chosen to share my word. But when I rebuilt it, the following three intentions were on my mind: one- to communicate my message clearly; two- the approach to be down to earth and respectful; three and the most significant- to be a candid representation of myself. And I trust you will continue reading this website until its end because it would give you an accurate insight into my character and life philosophy, some of my likes and dislikes, including more details about the experience. Now, feel free to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the reading journey. And, regardless of whether our paths will cross or not, I want to thank you for your time and attention!

About me

 I'm Diana; an empathetic and sensual girl with a warm personality. Friends said that what sets me apart is the enthusiasm I pour into everything I do; that real and ardent flame in my heart. But, if I would have to choose only two words to define me, those would be curious and passionate.


 I'm in my middle 20’s and a graduate in social science. People have always been of interest to me, and I like to make those around me smile and think in better ways. But at the core, I'm an affectionate, devoted lover who genuinely delights in giving and receiving. I have a natural capacity for stimulating talks, witty banter, wining and dining, and for mutual pleasure which unfolds organically. I'm weird for passion and feel lucky to lead the adventurous life I do!


 My hedonistic and adventurous nature led me to this world of companionship, and since then, my life feels more joyous and exciting. As for my origins, I came from a pretty country in central Europe but relocated to England four years ago to further my studies. In the meantime, I made loads of friends here, fell in love with the charming London city and decided to prolong my stay. 

 ''What are your hobbies?'' is a question I love answering! It’s because there is usually someone who enjoys the same thing as me, and it’s great to share common interests. There are three activities that I am fond of, reading, sports and travelling. Visiting new places, exploring new roads, trying new cuisines and learning about new cultures excites me! One of my dreams is to cover all the countries, both small and big before I turn 50.

 From my side, I've also pursued knowledge.  And the desire for learning isn't recent. I grew up surrounded by books, and they had a powerful, lasting effect on my mind. I've always been a voracious reader, usually diving into several books at once. Nowadays, my interests gravitate towards history, sexuality, relationships, health and psychology. It’s wonderful how a few lines can have so many varied interpretations and can give rise to a multitude of emotions and opinions. Reading has made me develop analytical thinking and open-mindedness. I wouldn’t possibly trade it for anything else, ever! 

 As for my physique, I stand at 5'6 inches, with measurements UK 34DD-25-35, big full breasts, slender hourglass body type and fair soft skin. But my face is even more admired! I have long dark hair with natural waves, brown eyes, tiny nose and generous smile. My laugh will aim to charm you as I have cute dimples, straight white teeth and full kissable lips :). 

 In my opinion, the human body is an amazing creation and must be nourished and loved accordingly. I devote a lot of time and effort to keeping mine healthy and in great shape with a combination of fitness and boxing. However, my favourite form of cardio activity is running in the park. I also take great pleasure in listening to music, eating out, and I'm highly influenced by art. My passions extend beyond the bedroom plays and reflect in most aspects of my life.

What will our encounter be like?  

 One of the characteristics I appreciate the most about this companionship world is the opportunity to meet smart people and to build beautiful friendships (without strings attached and based on mutual satisfaction, mutual respect and trust). I like to make my suitors feel relaxed yet happy and aroused in my company, but I also want to enjoy myself when launching into lovemaking. Sexual intercourse should never be a mechanical act, but a celebration of two energies who want to learn how to vibrate in harmony, even if only for a brief interval.

 Intercourse has to express something! It doesn’t necessarily need to mean love and it doesn’t necessarily need to happen in a relationship, but it does need to symbolise passion and connection. Personally, I love passionate intimacy. I like to touch, and I enjoy to kiss. There is a lot to love about kissing! Kissing is one of the primal steps to achieve genuine sexual arousal and an essential part of the connection. If you too feel the same, I want this always to be part of our experience.    

 As for our date, it can start in a variety of ways: a cultural day-out in a historic town like Istanbul or Florence, delighting ourselves at an art gallery; or watching a sporting event; an evening at the opera; or just a relaxing spa day; an evening at the theatre perhaps, or a romantic dinner with live jazz... Or why not just cuddling up and watching a movie together? Intimacy is not a race to the big ‘O’, nor a performance for the benefit of only one of us. It is a shared experience of pleasure; exquisitely felt and perfectly savoured. 

 But as much as I enjoy nice things in life, I value experiences and people more. I like the people I choose to meet. I like to learn about them and what makes them happy. I like to communicate openly, to laugh out and to connect. I like to be present in the moment... And some people make the mistake of thinking that the type of physical intimacy I’m practising has to be all soft and sensual. Not at all. As long we both consent, then we can go for it. It’s all good, as long as it’s real, it’s connected, and we’re really feeling it. That’s what makes physical intimacy magical, not the actual activity.

Kisses... Sincerely, Diana xo