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''What are your hobbies?''


 Is a question I love answering! It’s because there is usually someone who enjoys the same thing as me, and it’s great to share interests. There are at least eight activities that I am fond of, writing, sports, reading, culinary exploration, wine tasting,  sexual intimacy, photography and travelling.


Why travelling? Because visiting new places, exploring new roads, trying new cuisines, meeting new people and learning about different cultures excites me. My favourite beach destinations are The Maldives and Santorini. But I very much enjoyed walking around historic cities like Florence, Istanbul, Rome and Split in Croatia. Soon, I desire to visit Petra in Jordan, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Old Bagan city in Myanmar. One of my dreams is to cover all the countries, both small and big.

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 From my side, I've also pursued knowledge.  And the desire for learning isn't recent. I grew up surrounded by books, and they had a powerful, lasting effect on my mind. I've always been a voracious reader, usually diving into several books at once. While I still enjoy reading novels, nowadays I am drawn more to nonfiction topics which are easily applicable to everyday living.



Interests gravitate towards history, sexuality, relationships, health and psychology. It’s wonderful how a few lines can have so many varied interpretations and can give rise to a multitude of emotions and opinions. Reading has made me develop analytical thinking and open-mindedness. I wouldn’t possibly trade it for anything else, ever! 



Why gastronomy? Because, first of all, I’m a food lover, but with a health-conscious twist. I perceive food as inspiring, colourful and artistic. And if you think about the last time you ate your favourite meal, you'll know about what I'm talking:). When the first bite reaches your mouth, and you get that little flutter in your chest, and it touches your tongue... It's the best thing you've ever tasted in your life.

My favourite foods are seafood and oyster -especially Pacific Oysters- and my favourite dessert is chocolate-covered strawberries. I love oysters because it's like tasting the ocean, and for me, being to the ocean is one of the most breathtaking sights. I have some of my most loving memories at the beach, and seafood brings back those memories.


 Chocolate covered strawberries, on the other hand, remind me of summer- my favourite season. I love strawberries because they will freshen up your day, and when they're in season in the spring and summer they get so juicy and sweet and refreshing!:) Plus, the chocolate is just a bonus, because who doesn't love good chocolate!? 

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 In my opinion, the human body is a fantastic creation and must be nourished and loved accordingly. I devote a lot of time and effort to keeping my body healthy and in great shape with a combination of fitness and kickboxing. However, my favourite cardio activity is running in the park. Why do I love running? Because of the clear-headed exhaustion that follows a hard run – body spent but mind miraculously clearer than the foggy-headed state I started in. I especially love the meal which follows my running sessions:). I love that working out as much as I do means I can eat whatever I want – but that I don’t, because I won’t run as well if I eat nothing but pasta and dessert. 


I also practice cycling and swimming.


  I enjoy writing creatively; it helps me connect to my artistic side. I write because I want to reach the end of my imagination and then break through it. Writing helps me lose or find myself, depending on what I need to feel. When I need to feel it … it gives me the chance to live thousands of lives in thousands of realities, exploring every possible scenario, no matter how grandiose or minuscule it might be. I also write for the sheer joy and fun of it. It is my way to relax at the end of every day. But above them all, writing is a mental mirror, an extension of myself that helps me communicate the pure reflection of what my soul is. Most of my writings are in my native language.

 Other passions - I love photography, and I try to take my camera on all trips. I also take great pleasure in listening to music, dancing the night out, sharing a laugh, shopping and spending time with culture.


Yet, my favourite activity is to share meaningful and passionate experiences with open-minded, respectful, healthy and sexual individuals who have an optimistic outlook in life and who are in a constant search for intellectual and physical stimulation. Diana x

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